- Discuss ideas and questions from Building A Strategy
- Determine goals, services and products to be covered
- Establish how you want to be seen online
- What assets need to be created
- Who needs access to the site and is training necessary

- Contract reviewed, agree upon and signed before work begins
- Retainer fee required up-front
- Billed hourly with detailed tasks on time spent
 (Available at any time during the design and production process)
- Itemized invoice presented in full upon completion of project for payment



- Production schedule created with project completion date
- Editorial schedule with word counts
- Intermediate proof out dates, edits, corrections
- Soft proof online
*The more complete the editorial when submitted, the less time required for changes and corrections
- Schedule adjustments made as necessary but only upon project management approval 


- Outline created for main navigation with linked and unlinked pages
- If current website is up, a comparison is often helpful
- Site cards used as a visual for layout and quick editing

- Client owned images: resolution requirements for reproduction
- On site editorial photography is also available (not included in initial contract)
- Stock photography to be discussed
*Suggestions available if current image contract is not in place
- Client approves arrangement or image purchase
- Images placed for SEO with categories and tags on back-end


- Logo
- Tagline
- Service 1 + description 100 word max
- Service 2 + description 100 word max
- Service 3 + description 100 word max
- About
- Company figure 1 + headshot
- Company figure 2 + headshot
- Company figure 3 + headshot
- Company figure 4 + headshot
- Header images
- Infographics
- External links
- Social media
- Calendar
- Contact form
- Blog



- Corporate font + style
- Site title, sub-title, navigation
- Heading 1, SEO
- Heading 2, SEO
- Heading 3, SEO
- Body copy (hyperlinks to secondary navigation)
- Copy treatments, exp. bold, italic, all caps, underline


- Corporate color implemented if in use
- New color palette created with secondary and accent with rebrand or initial design
- Photography style

- Logo size and placement
- Tagline: font, color, size and placement
- Navigation styles: line height, letter spacing


- Header or no header
- Footer to include: contact info, physical address, phone, fax, directions, social media, hours of operation
- Background image or color


- Website architecture framed out for approval
- Style guides including color approved
- Live content replaced
- Initial comments followed by content edits
- Upon final approval and payment, site is enabled and goes live



- Frequency
- Who is responsible
- On site training


- Unique email address with site URL
- Social media pages with updated style and image content
- Include other business information
- Create a favicon
- Set up URL redirects
- Review for finishing touches


I create websites through Squarespace web hosting, and as a Circle Member could not possibly recommend this company with their support and service more highly. They provide templates to create and build cover pages (1-page sites), websites and online stores. Every website is responsive on all devices and completely editable in layout. I just love it and am sure you will also =0                                                                                    


Practicing mindfulness and essential to every successful project is a plan of action and timeline with production schedules for both sides—client and designer. There can of course be changes or variances but these can effect the deadline, so it becomes imperative to keep lines of communication open.

A FEW OTHER THINGS TO MENTION: The best way to stay within a budget is to provide ready to place copy or editorial reducing the need for last minutes edits or corrections. Logos provided at the correct resolution appropriate for their destination—print or web are helpful and time conscious. Required images or stock photography should be addressed up front.

There is actually something called "Scope Creep" that can happen on even small projects or commissions where the time created was minimal, but the changes, additions and rewrites become so large, it outweighs the value of the piece.