Annual Report  Objective: Redesign the Annual Report layout in an editorial style with event captions and tagged supporters. The use of corporate branded color strengthened awareness locally unifying the mission with headquarters.  Colophon: Headline and titles are typeset using Trade Gothic Bold, Condensed #20. Body copy is Meta Bold Roman, 9/11, 90%; photo captions, Meta Bold, Roman 9/10.8, 90% and sub-heads are set using Times New Roman, Italic, 13/16, 90%   
 SILVER ANNIVERSARY PROGRAM BROCHURE, TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETY  Objective: Produce a brochure for the annual recognition and fundraising event celebrating 25 years. Printed with metallic silver ink.
 BENCH & BAR FUNDRAISER - TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETY  Event fundraiser within the legal community.  It was a privilege and honor to have contributed to and created graphic pieces for this local organization, who does so much for our community. The strong leadership and focus of this local chapter truly make big difference in this area and have impacted my life in a very positive way.   
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