"Creating visual solutions to UNIFY the brand, SIMPLIFY the message and AMPLIFY the results."

Lori’s talents as an artist, photographer, and graphics designer have been a godsend to our company this past year. She has completely transformed our marketing message and branding in twelve short months. I highly recommend this conscientious, talented, and personable woman. She will change the way you and your customers view your company.
— Director of Sales and Marketing at Air-Tite Products Co. Inc.

The members of the Cape Henry Rotary Club are a group of people who have united to serve others. Lori Absher is one.

Oyster Crush Charity Fundraiser has been our club’s fundraiser for many years, but when Lori Absher joined our club her talents helped us make the event truly memorable. Her design talents have helped us with ticket sales and collateral with strong branding, but our social media campaigns and our event website far exceeded our expectations helping us meet our fundraising goals.

In years past, our event had been well attended by several hundred ticketholders, but now that the event is known throughout the region, we have well over a thousand attendees. Our sponsors are proud to see their businesses listed on the Oyster Crush website and in our social media post recognitions.

Lori Absher’s design work is singularly responsible for the elevation of our event to a higher level, and we owe to her our prominence in the list of desirable events to attend in the Virginia Beach area.
— Jocelyn Reiter Ellison, Rotary Club of Cape Henry

Lori’s eye for concept and design is phenomenal. I’ve worked with her closely for quite some time now, and I love that her vision and design ethos exceeds my expectations.
Every. Single. Time.
— Jeremy Caleb Johnson, Long & Foster Companies, Christies

Lori Absher served on our board of directors for two years and took on the task of branding our center with an updated logo, tagline, website, business collateral, marketing and social media presence. She was a key element in our event planning and implementation of dementia care workshops with Teepa Snow.

As a highly skill graphic artist and visual communicator, Lori conducted extensive research highlighting facts and figures into visual storytelling, presentations and infographics for the Center. Her commitment to our mission of supporting the quality of life for older adults & their caregivers was evident in the work she created, results delivered and passion while doing so. I would gladly recommend Lori Absher as a member of your team or key asset for your organization.
— Sharon Goumas, Former Executive Director, M. E. Cox Center for Elder Day Care

Lori Absher served as a Graphic Artist (GA) subcontractor for one of my learning and development contract teams. The contract was a one year effort to produce graphics and visual imagery for instructor led and eLearning products. Lori was a critical team member and always produced quality products. Her in-depth knowledge of the client as well as her technical skills made her an invaluable resource for the team. If you need an experienced graphic artist, I highly recommend Lori as a team member!
— Heather Z Young, Learning & Development Manager, Federal Contracts - Division at Zeiders Enterprises, Inc.

I have known Lori for over 7 years, and we have worked together professionally on projects for my company, as well as various volunteer projects in the community. I have owned and operated a small business in the Hampton Roads area for over 30 years and understand the value of the services and skills Lori brings to bear on every project she has undertaken. Her commitment to performance is only exceeded by her complete ability to work to goals and deliver on time and budget as promised. I place my trust in her and her dependability based on our work experience together both in my business and on community projects.

When presented with the opportunity and need to work together in the future I would most heartedly endorse her for any position or project undertaken. If you would like to speak with me personally regarding any consideration for appointment or award of contract, please don’t hesitate to call on me.
— Phyllis Lynn Viele-Woodhead, President PNP Enterprises, Inc.

I wish to take a moment to personally endorse Lori Absher as a graphics arts and visual arts professional. As a co-worker for more than ten years, I have known Lori to be top-notch in her field. Not only does Lori passionately commit to her skills, but she sees the value of advancing her deep knowledge to keep pace in the ever-growing world of graphics and visual media.

I know Lori to be successfully proficient in most all the tools at the disposal of a modern graphic artist including digital publishing software, photography and conventional art tools and methods.
Lori is not only genuine as an artist in skill, but genuine in concept, appreciating of a wide range of fine art, modern art and the diverse world of advertising theory. I would recommend Lori for any position with graphic arts design and art management.
— Mark Hall, Systems Analyst

Lori is a highly skilled creative designer. She goes to great lengths to ensure the message being delivered comes across in her visuals and is appropriate for the customer. Lori is fantastic to work with and delivers high quality product on schedule. I would happily work with Lori in the future and recommend her for any creative work that she chooses to pursue.
— Noelle Willett, E-learning Instructional Designer, Zeider's Enterprises, Inc.,Professional Development and Training Team

Lori is an outstanding designer! During our collaboration at Zeiders, I saw her take what could have been dull information and make it look more than what the client was expecting. Lori’s background in print design helped contribute to these very important products for the military. She has a clear understanding of the technical issues that go into creating the artwork and works well with project managers.
— Mark Gilvey, Division at Zeiders Enterprises, Inc., Professional Photographer & Graphic Designer

Lori has a creative gift that she applies to everything she touches. The Rotary Club of Cape Henry is just one of the many organizations that she helped convey our message. Thanks, Lori!
— Frank Decker, Tester