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Responsive Web Design

This page and site are under construction as client work takes priority. We believe a deadline to be a DEAD line and work accordingly. 

Available on the go clearly sharing who you are, your services, benefits and ways to contact. Creating a branded site with CSS styling and keywords increase SEO.

One of the best questions to ask when starting a web design project would have to be— "What is my goal and how will I get there?"

Websites have the ability to inform, persuade, share and sell products, services and causes. Visually creating images and content that speak not only with words but images, color and style have a powerful impact on it's success. Content mapping allows you to see the flow and plan as it relates to the company and end-user of the site allowing for edits to spot visual and informational gaps in content. The icons below are examples of page layouts within a site, and a great place to start in planning content and gathering assets.




PARALLAX - Vertical Flow

A special visual effect on header images called parallax scrolling involves the background image moving slower than the content in the foreground, creating an illusion of depth and immersion. Sticky navigation follows user to each section without returning to the top navigation.


Horizontal Flow

A classic traditional layout that is both functional and easy to use and follow.