Objective: Expand brand awareness and nonprofit status—launching new logo, tagline, mission statement, business stationery and corporate collateral.  Strategy: A 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports the quality of life for older adults and their caregivers by providing cost effective adult day service in a pleasant, supervised and safe environment. Visually representing the brand through shape and color, the intimate connection achieved daily links the mission statement to the design and layout of collateral.
 POSITIVE CAREGIVING WORKSHOP - 2015 CONNECTING THE PIECES OF THE DEMENTIA CARE PUZZLE  Family and professional caregivers are often puzzled by how to meet the many demands of caring for an individual living with a dementia disorder. If you are a caregiver or want to learn more about dementia—join us and renowned dementia care expert, Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA. She will help us connect the pieces of dementia care with her positive and practical approach to caregiving. The first piece of the puzzle in learning about Dementia is awareness, followed by knowledge, and then skill.
 The AWARENESS module covers the basics designed to help you understand what is happening and the changes in cognition and abilities associated with dementia.  The KNOWLEDGE portion provides a more indepth understanding and exposure to a variety of skills—effective task guidance and environmental support modifications to help improve the quality of life for you and the person living with dementia.  SKILLS will train you to integrate these new habits and rountines into your daily life so that you can develop new responses rather than automatic reactions reducing stress for everyone.  Connecting the Dementia Care Puzzle will provide the confidence and competence needed to care for the person living with dementia.  M. E. Cox Center for Elder Day Care believes and practices “Supporting the Quality of Life for Older Adults & Their Caregivers”.
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 COLOR + SHAPE: The Meaning and Message  RELAIBLE + TRUSTWORTHY + COMMITTED + STRONG + FAITHFUL + CARING + COMPASSIONATE  A deep royal blue is strongly associated with reliability and trustworthiness. The primary brand color links it’s strength with these attributes along with a committed sense of confidence and mirrors the mission statement to the Center. Blue, especially when paired with analogous colors like purple and teal green produce a calming and restful state. This combination of color actually signal the brain to rest, relax and promote meditation.  The shape of the M. E. Cox Center logo and other branded graphics are harmonious with unity and wholeness. Circles are often seen a protective symbols without a beginning or end. The use of positive/negative space connects the client and caregiver to resources provided by or through M. E. Cox Center—Supporting the Quality of Life for Older Adults and Their Caregivers. ___________   On a personal note... My father’s illness predicated my introduction to the M. E. Cox Center in 2011. I served as a volunteer on the Board of Directors for two years and created the branded collateral and website with the intent of adding exposure to the Center for the incredible service and support they provide to residents in the Hampton Roads area.
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