Creating visual solutions to Unify the brand, Simplify the message + Amplify the results


Lori By Design, LLC

Unify. Simplify. Amplify.



We think creatively crafting visual solutions that UNIFY your brand, SIMPLIFY the message + AMPLIFY the results.


Specializing in integrated media campaigns to connect your story visually through consistent branding



The first step in any project is starting with a strategy statement and collecting ideas, elements, collaterals + past efforts to create a visual survey. 

"UNIFY THE BRAND to simplify the message + amplify the results"

Steel cylinders, pistons and tools in workshop. Industry theme.


Focus on the important. A concise, clear message with clean design resonates stronger to the viewer. Hierarchy of image and content is vital to communication setting a tone and visual voice.

"Unify the brand to SIMPLIFY THE MESSAGE + amplify the results"

Business desk background


Make a bold statement, capture attention with less meaning more. Color is one of the most valuable assets creating a mood + tone.

"Unify the brand to simplify the message + AMPLIFY THE RESULTS"

Close up glowing light bulb on green background