Creating visual solutions to Unify the brand, Simplify the message + Amplify the results


Lori By Design, LLC

Unify. Simplify. Amplify.



We think creatively crafting visual solutions that UNIFY your brand, SIMPLIFY your message + AMPLIFY your results.


We create and connect your visual identity by branding your website, print collateral, social media, trade show design and every other touchpoint through visual communication. 



The first step in any project is starting with a strategy statement and collecting ideas, elements, collaterals + past efforts to create a visual survey. 

"UNIFY THE BRAND to simplify the message + amplify the results"

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Lori By Design, LLC offers a wide range of services to meet your graphic design needs and exceed your expectations. We love helping you tell your story, so let's meet and start the journey.




Brand Identity

Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find you? Why should they care?

QUESTION: Is your brand a visual voice of who you are creating meaningful connections?



We help you be seen.

Graphic Design

Good design is about creative visual thinking to communicate a message. 

QUESTION: Does your advertising design capture your audience, make a statement and create a memory?

We help you make an impact.


Responsive design


63% access the internet with a phone. Websites need to responsive on any screen.

QUESTION: Is your website just as awesome on your phone? 



We help you present a consistent story.


Social Marketing

A consistent online strategy gains new followers, builds brand equity + increases revenues.

QUESTION: Does your social identity reinforce the message? 



We help you become more visible.


Trade Show/Event

Big graphics in a big way make a BIG STATEMENT. 

QUESTION: Does your display connect with your brand identity and attract attention on the conference floor?

We help you make a bold statement.




An image is really worth a 1000 words and creates a memory. 

QUESTION: Is your corporate photography branded to touchpoints in your collateral?



We help you capture the right picture.


FACTOID: It takes 5 - 7 visual impressions to remember a brand.


Your brand is an expression of your identity to the world. The human brain seeks to make connections to process information into memory. These visual cues collectively translate into feelings and emotions that link your brand and graphics together. Lori By Design, LLC connects multiple threads of your brand together with a synergistic approach creating Gestalt. 

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Equal Parts. 



Focus on the important. A concise, clear message with clean design resonates stronger to the viewer. Hierarchy of image and content is vital to communication setting a tone and visual voice.

"Unify the brand to SIMPLIFY THE MESSAGE + amplify the results"

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FACTOID: You have 3-5 seconds to capture attention and only 6-8 seconds for landing pages. With massive amounts of information competing for attention, time counts. 



Make a bold statement, capture attention with less meaning more. Color is one of the most valuable assets creating a mood + tone.

"Unify the brand to simplify the message + AMPLIFY THE RESULTS"

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