Develop the concept

A concept can be defined as the creative solution to the design problem or objective for the website, print or multimedia project. It is the underlying rationale expressed through style, color, image and font selection. Everything—ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING should have a reason to exist, or it is just extra and can create a disconnect from the primary purpose.

Creating a concept statement clarifies the idea or design and puts it into words. Essential as part of a business plan proposing the idea to an owner or investor. A well-written concept statement sums up the idea providing a clear visualization and is made up of 3 - 4 sentences. The questions posed in Building a Strategy will start the process. 


Creative thinking starts here...


Step 1

- Ask questions and begin with Building a Strategy

- Gather information

- Background questions on history of company or organization

- Define the product, services or idea 

- List anything related to the project

- Review past projects or collaterals

- Establish goals

- Talk it all the way through

- Discuss uniqueness





Step 2

- Get to know your client

- Identify team players

- Discover likes and dislikes

- Brainstorm

- Determine criteria

- Review corporate structure

- Ultimate decision maker

- Significance of color, subliminal message and tone

- Idea behind logo (if in use)





Step 3

- Summarize input to develop a logical flow of content and images

- Use a good dictionary or thesaurus 

- Play with ideas or change directions

- Create a map or dummy book

- Sketch out roughs

- Write it out

- Let it rest + review with fresh eyes

- Share with others outside of scope

- Edits + revisions

- Produce + launch, print, post and share