Creating visual solutions to Unify the brand, Simplify the message + Amplify the results



Branding is a disciplined process used to build awareness and connect emotionally that extends to customer loyalty.

More than a logo, it is a visual, verbal and written expression of identity. Branding is a tangible asset that appeals to the senses of its owner, employees and intended audience or customers. It should be maintained and protected from the top down and be reviewed as business changes reflect growth and emerging technology. 

It works to unify elements into a visual system that reinforces core strengths + goals to define what matters the most giving meaning to the big idea. When this happens, a brands unique qualities are amplified fueling recognition. Intrinsic to brand identity is growth as it is always in a state of becoming. 


Brand consulting provides strategic planning and maps visual presence. Creating a unified brand includes visually linking all elements—logo, font, color and imagery form a system. The unspoken visual cues identify the who and what just as much as the written word. Brand identity is an asset that becomes the totem pole everything works around.

Does your logo pass the test?

Branding is about seizing every opportunity to express why people should choose one brand over another. A desire to lead, outpace the competition and give employees the best tools to reach new customers.

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Digital Branding

Web, social media, video + SEO.



Partnering with another brand to increase awareness + recognition.

Emotional Branding

A dynamic combination interweaving imagination, history, sensory experiences + visual approach to change.


Regional Branding

Brand effort to attract business development + tourism.


Cause Branding

Aligning your brand with a charity or non-profit with social responsibility.

 Personal Branding

An increase awareness, build reputation, share beliefs + convictions.


Appearance + Tone

Brands should have consistent qualities in appearance, tone and feel that impact the whole experience of the identity. Color is one of the most powerful indicators.



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Touchpoints are an opportunity to increase awareness and build customer loyalty putting your mark in front of the customer.

Touch points are any and every visual associated with your brand that works to reinforce your message. Consistency rules as only 5 - 7 impressions are required for a brand to become memorable. All touch points are considered to be a "brand experience".


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Brand DNA can be defined as the words and perceptions of users contained in memory over time.

—Greenberg, 2003, Marsden, 2000


The brand DNA metaphor describes the interaction of fundamental elements (the combinations of the essential building blocks of a brand) that lead to the evolution of the brand as a living organism. Brands grow and change over time making updates and revisions necessary to continue growth.