brand + design services


Graphic Design

Good graphic design answers a question and solves a problem visually with strong headlines, memorable tag lines and well placed copy. Vibrant images and styled photography create mood, awake memories and are pivotable in unifying your brand, core beliefs and message.

Strong visuals capture attention and invite the viewer into the content. Recent studies site, less than 3 seconds to capture attention. The importance of color cannot be understated as over 85% of buying decisions are made base on color and 90% judge products based on visual factors. Color has the ability to create feelings and emotions that set the stage for the brand and product.


Responsive Design

A responsive design solution is a singular system with a singular management system that responds to varying screen sizes because of a flexible grid. Maintaining a clear relationship reinforces visual response to link elements through style, color and a consistent use of color. 

The number and landscape of different mobile devices we communicate with will continue to evolve as emerging technologies push us further to the next level. Lori By Design connects and communicates visually the brand and message.