Brand Identity

Your brand is a tangible asset to your identity and ideology to your business or non profit that should be maintained and protected from the top down. Brands should be reviewed as business changes reflect growth and emerging technology. Brand consulting provides strategic planning and maps visual presence. 

Creating a unified brand includes visually linking all elements—logo, font, color and imagery. The unspoken visual cues identify the who and what just as much as the written word. 

Steady investment in design is rewarded by lasting competitiveness.


Why invest?

The best and longest lasting identity programs embody and promote the company's brand by supporting desired perceptions. Identity is an expression of the company's culture and a symbol of its core values and history.


The importance of brand strategy and the cost of building brand identity should be understood at the highest levels of an organization and across functional areas—not just sales + marketing, but in legal, finance, operations and human resources. 

Reasons to invest in brand identity... it makes it easy for the customers to buy, the sales force to sell + creates brand equity to build on for the future.