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Your brand is an expression of your identity to the world. The human brain seeks to make connections to process information into memory. These visual cues collectively translate into feelings and emotions that link your brand and graphics together. 

Lori By Design connects multiple threads of your brand together with a synergistic approach creating Gestalt. 
The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Equal Parts.  

Brand + design Services


Brand Consulting

Does your marketing and advertising design work with your brand strategy creating an "owned" quality setting you apart from the competition? 


Graphic Design

Are your graphics synonymous with your brand and targeted to your message communicating with consistent style, color and typography? 



A good website requires mobility on all platforms, should be engaging to the viewer, easy to navigate and updated with fresh content on a regular basis.   


EVENT BRANDING: Oyster Crush Charity Fundraiser

An annual massive fundraising effort that creates excitement and produces results for the sponsored charities of Cape Henry Rotary Club in Virginia
Beach, VA. 

Local photography paired with an active color palette carry the message visually repeated throughout all collateral and social media branding.


Air-Tite Aesthetics

A Division of Air-Tite Products Company, Inc.

Website - Mobile Design

The LEE Aspirator with sliding box design by Burgopak

THE Aesthetic Show, Las Vegas, NV - July 2017

National Direct Mail Booklet

Package Design - Product Launch

Trade Show Design

BRIEF: Air-Tite Aesthetics, a division of Air-Tite Products sought to develop their aesthetic product brand to increase exposure and market share, launching a national sales force to introduce new products in the aesthetic + injectable market. Partnering with internationally acclaimed aesthetic physicians and instructors—Air-Tite Aesthetics positioned itself for further growth in this expanding field of product and technique developments.